Tips for Legoland Malaysia Johor for great discounts!

There were many ways that you can find in order to grab a very good deals and discounts for Legoland Malaysia Johor if you look carefully. Easily you could get a 20-30% discounts almost everywhere now. But some poeple still need some info and guide right? Since my post on Matta Fair 2016 and Legoland Malaysia special deals -MATTA FAIR promotion get a very good feedback. So here it is  i listed below ways or Tips for Legoland Malaysia Johor for great discounts! But not all applicable all the time and some at limited time and place.

1. Purchase Tesco and get free 30% voucher (not all Tesco, some you get Sunway lagoon promo)
2.Visit Matta Fair promotion
3. Get through an agent
4. Website promotion at
5.Petron gas station discount RM50 per ticket (petron give free voucher every RM30)
6.Hotel promotion (by hotel nearby Nusajaya)
7. Hotel legoland promotion (2days combo with hotel stay. Great if you want full 2 days visit!)
8.Maybank cards promotion.Purchase tickets using maybank cards and get RM60 off every ticket (by far this is the best i've ever used)
9. Find help from teacher to arrange to buy tickets for you under educational promotion (insanely cheap or even get free!?)

My listing above might not be accurate as it might be, however this would help some people who are keen to go but no idea about it at all.Anyway appreciate if anyone read this post and think you have better tips and ways for to add into Tips for Legoland Malaysia Johor for great discounts, please feel free to share it below in comments area. Thanks!

Nice trip we had together! Go Legoland! PS: This is not a sponsored post. Anyway legoland can hire me for paid post if there is any! :)

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